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Containing Pole-Padel topsystem and Pole-Tennis topsystem with a 200 cm pole for each top and 1 standard accessory pack


6.019 kr.

Embedded base with fixed pole

This Revolution360 is stationary, as the 200 cm long pole is cemented into a small base. The rubber tile ensures a neat finish and keeps weeds and grass away from your Revolution360.
Embedding is done in a hole approx. 40 cm deep. 25 kg of post concrete must be purchased separately. The post level helps ensure a perfect installation. Note that the cement casting must cure for at least 24 hours.


Standard accessory pack

All Revolution360 models come as standard with
2 tennis balls + 1 speedball, fitted with a Dinghy Control line
2 unique 17” racket equipped with a size 1 grip
2 unique 17” racket equipped with a size 3 grip
The racks are carefully matched to the equipment and ensure a firm grip for different hand sizes.