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Pole-Padel topsystem

Complete set with the special Pole-Padel topsystem


5.194 kr.

Embedded base with removable pole.

This Revolution360 is stationary and mounted in a small cement cast base. The 180 cm long pole is secured in the embedded Ground Socket and is held securely in place by the special pole adapter. When the equipment is not in use, the pole can be removed from the ground Socket or it can be theft-proofed using the securing screw.

After installation, the embedded Ground Socket is almost hidden, with only 1-2 cm of it visible above ground level. The rubber tile ensures a neat finish and keeps weeds and grass away from your Revolution360.

Embedding is done in a hole approx. 40 cm deep. Post concrete must be purchased separately. The post level helps ensure a perfect installation. Note that the cement casting must cure for at least 24 hours.


Standard accessory pack

All Revolution360 models come as standard with
2 tennis balls + 1 speedball, fitted with a Dinghy Control line
2 unique 17” racket equipped with a size 1 grip
2 unique 17” racket equipped with a size 3 grip
The racks are carefully matched to the equipment and ensure a firm grip for different hand sizes.